Zitrades Solar Lights Outdoor LED Security Light Motion Sensor Solar Powered Wall Lights 8 LED Outdoor Lighting Weatherproof for Patio Garden Home Deck Back Yard Driveway Stairs Outside Walkway 2 pack

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Manufacturer Description

What You Get:
2 x 8leds solar light with motion sensor
2 x Screw
2 x wall plug
1 x User Manual
2 x 3M double side tape

Help and Note:
1. Damages caused by the disregard of this user manual are not subject to warranty. The dealer will not accept liability for any resulting defects or problems. Keep away from heaters and other heating sources!
2. In order to aviod shortening the life of the light, do not expose this appliance to soak in water or moisture. Don't put it with household garbage or in a fire to aviod explosion. Do not drop to aviod damaging the lamp.
3. Please do not replace the battery by yourself. If you have any question please contact us.

solar panel : 5.5V 0.44W
Ion Battery :3.7V 1500mah
LED Quantity :8PCS
Rated Power :1.3W
lumen Output :130LM
Motion angle and distance :100 degree 5M
Delay time :15s
Installation Height :2-2.5M
Waterproof Level :IP64

Choose a Zitrades Solar Light for Your Home Safety
Solar path lights no tools required, perfect install for outside of your carport, mail box, back barn, the front door, garage door, ect. From box to install area you wanted ,Only takes five minutes. Will light up nicely as you walk on home late at night. It's bright, smart and reliable, about 40 to 50 feet from your house to the street and when a car drives by, they motion sensor will activate. can one on your mail box to deter dog walkers from not picking up after their dog. At last, solar light must be install in area where get sunlight to recharge.

Product Features

Remember to install in an area that get plenty of sunlight. After dusk, the wall light automatically comes on, but the light stays at a very dim level. As soon as it detects motion, it comes on nice and bright, lighting up the area rather well Solar motion sensor wall lights have a high brightness light mode, a dim light mode and smart motion sensor mode(auto on at night and auto off at sunrise). When the motion sensing is activated, it lights up very bright for about 15 seconds. Bright enough for you to walk up your driveway and actually see where you are going. Solar lights comes with the option for screws and double side tape. You can use double side tape sticks on your brick, fences, garages, and wooden deck. No problem with humidity, rain, or sprinklers hitting them. What's even better is that you don't have to drill anything to the brick wall. You can use solar energy powered night light to provide security lighting for your back patio. Perfect for letting the dogs out at night, they go from dim to bright instantly with the motion sensors, (they're both black) so you can actually see them wherever they go in the back yard. Zitrades LED Security Light is waterproof, no issues outside, no wiring, upgraded solar panel, illuminates well, installation is simple and works like a charm.

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