Solar Motion Sensor Light - Bonus Ultra Bright Zoomable Tactical LED Flashlight - LARGE Super Bright LED Waterproof Solar Powered Security Lights with 3 Modes - Bonus 3M Tape


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Manufacturer Description

Why Hello Light ® ?

You will see a lot of options on Amazon. What you will also see are poorly made designs lacking essential specifications to make your life easier:

- 8 LEDs VS 20 LEDs with Hello Light

- 80 lumens VS 320 Lumens with Hello Light

- 600 mAh battery VS 2200 mAh Longer Hours Lasting Battery with Hello Light

- 10 ft detection VS 26 Feet Detection with Hello Light

- Small LEDs VS Large Powerful Ultra Bright LEDs with Hello Light

- 1-2 modes VS 3 Lighting Modes with Hello Light

- Poor seal VS 2 Layers of Tightly-Sealed Inner Loop with Hello Light

- Difficult installation VS Easy Hassle-Free Installation with included 3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape with Hello Light (Screws ALSO included as a secondary installation option)

- BONUS Tactical LED Flashlight, Zoomable with 5 Modes

What Makes this Light so Much Better?

? 2.5 X More LEDs ! 20 LED Lights Shine Brighter Than Others

? 120 ° Wide Sensing Range 2.6 X times more powerful detects 26 feet away!

? 3M Double Sided Tape for Quick Easy Installation on Virtually Any Surface: Can be mounted on the wall either with the included 3M Squares OR with the provided wall plug and screws in seconds. You choose!

? IP65 Waterproof & Durable: High-impact ABS material withstands rain and extreme weather.

? Fast-Charging Battery ideal for those winter days with only a short amount of sunlight.

Our Engineers used new and improved solar charging technology and have implemented improvements to ensure the highest standards in quality and reliability.

In other words, your Hello Light is made to perform better than others in the market!!

Hello Light ® Package Includes:

- 1 x Tactical LED Flashlight

- 2 x Large Solar Motion Sensor Lights

- 8 x Installing Screws and screw plug anchors

- 16 x 3M Tape

- Manuals

ADD this Hello Light ® Solar Motion LED Light TO YOUR CART today!

Product Features

HIGHLY EFFICIENT SOLAR PANEL WITH FASTER CHARGING TIME AND EXTENDED LIGHTING TIME: This bigger, updated solar panel can quickly absorb sun rays and generate power for extended periods of time, even in conditions of low sunlight. Hello Light is made for outdoor use and also has a higher battery capacity at 2200mAh, whereas some competitors only offer 600mAh. Our battery is made to last much longer than the rest! 3 LIGHTING MODES: 1) Sensor Mode - Light turns ON when nearby movement detected and stays on until 15 seconds after the movement has stopped or left the area then turns off. 2) Dim mode - Light is DIM at night then turns bright when nearby movement detected and returns to dim mode 15 seconds after the movement has stopped or left the area. 3) All Lighting mode - At night, the light stays ON in bright mode at all times, whether in the presence or absence of motion. 20 SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTS AND LIFE SPAN OF 100,000 HOURS: 20 large LEDs provide an excellent illumination of 320 lumens, MUCH BRIGHTER than other LED solar lights. Superior quality Hello Light LEDs have a working lifetime of 100,000 hours - 2X more than the competition for several years of use for your Garage, Driveway, Deck, Garden, Porch, Pond, Backyard Patio or Outside Fence Post ! Solid hard plastic construction can withstand years of usage and sleek design prevents debris buildup. BIGGER SENSOR BALL HEAD and 120° DETECTION RANGE: Built-in PIR motion sensor can detect up to 120 degrees. The sensor ball head is bigger and more powerful, giving it a motion activated detection range of up to 26 feet ! Other LED solar lights only have a detection range of 10 feet. Hello Light technology detects movement up to 2.6X further than other brands! WATERPROOF, DURABLE, EASY FAST INSTALLATION, 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: IP65 and weatherproof with 2 layers of tightly-sealed inner loop. Lab designed and tested to be resistant in all kinds of severe weather conditions, including rain and cold temperatures. *BONUS 3M DOUBLE SIDED ADHESIVE TAPE FOR WALL MOUNT: 16 Pieces included to easily install in seconds! *BONUS LED TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT WITH ZOOM FUNCTION AND 5 MODES (Total $30 VALUE in BONUSES with this NEW 2017 Model Spotlight).

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