POND CLARIFIER for PROUD KOI POND OWNERS - Premium & Organic - Barley Straw for Ponds Mini Bale - Cleans Koi Ponds & Water Gardens the Safe Natural Way

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Manufacturer Description

Barley Pond Straw Cleans Ponds the Natural Way While Protecting Fish & Pond Life

You've invested lots of time and money in your pond. How do you keep the water clean and clear without using harsh chemicals? If you have koi, gold fish or plant life in your pond, you want to do more than just protect them-you want them to thrive in an environment that is safe, healthy and balanced.

Rather than upsetting the delicate ecosystem and risking the health of your fish and plant life by using harsh chemicals, clean and clear your pond the natural way by using barley straw for ponds.

Premium barley straw mini bales are grown and harvested on a Certified Organic U.S. farm. This means no pesticides, additives or chemicals.

Never heard of pond straw? Here's how to use it:

- Tie mesh bag near water movement. (1 bag per 1500 gallons of water.) Bag will float at first then sink. Keep submerged 2-3 ft below surface.
- As water flows through pond straw mesh bag and reacts with sunlight, low levels of hydrogen peroxide are produced. This cleans, clears and oxygenates your pond and protects fish and plant life.
- Bag lasts last about 3-4 months. Remove before barley decomposes. Replace with new bag.
- Keep extra on hand for easy rotation.

100% Natural Certified Organic Premium Pond Straw is the Best Solution for Clean, Clear Pond Water.

You have a lot invested in your pond or water garden. Don't take risks by using harsh chemicals or products that just don't work. Use Premium Barley Pond Straw to clean and clear your pond.

Buy Now and Get Free Bonus: 5 Tips for a Healthy Pond.

Product Features

🐟 PROTECT YOUR FISH. Barley Straw Bales Are 100% Safe for Koi Fish Ponds, Plant Life, Ponds with Waterfalls & Fountains. Pond Barley Straw Bales Aerate the Water Which Is Healthy for Fish. ? CLEAN YOUR POND THE NATURAL WAY. Our Barley Bales for Ponds Are Harvested from an Organic Farm. Cleans and Clears Water in Ponds, Water Gardens, Swimming Pools, Fountains & More Without Introducing Harsh Chemicals into the Water Stream. 🎏 PREVENT ALGAE BLOOMS. Pond Barley Straw Barley Bags for Ponds Are Harvested from a Certified Organic Farm: No Chemicals Will Be Introduced into Your Pond. Year-Round Use Stops Algae from Upsetting the Natural Ecosystem of Your Pond. 🌊 TREAT UP TO 1500 GALLONS OF POND WATER. One 12-14 ounce Organic Barley Straw Mini Bale Acts a Pond Water Clarifier and Lasts About 3-4 Months. Pond Straw is the Best, Most Natural Way to Treat Your Pond. 🌀 EASY TO USE. Super Flow Net Bag is Easy to Use. Simply Tie to An Area Where There is Water Movement & Submerge Below the Surface. (For Smaller Barley Pond Straw Can Be Divided and Bag Reused). USA Grown & Harvest. Better Than Barley Extract Pond Formulations.

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