100 Garden Staples - Professional Grade - Full 6" Length - Durable 11 Gauge Metal Steel - (Also Called Sod Staples, Garden Spikes, Fence Anchors, Landscape Fabric Staples, Anchor Pins, Garden Pegs, Loop Stakes)

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Manufacturer Description

"A gardener's best friend!" "Works Like A Charm!" "Simple and strong" "Excellent purchase" "Good garden stakes!"

Want to Know Why So Many Amazon Customers Everywhere LOVE Our Garden Goodness Staples?

  • PROBLEM SOLVED! Big box store landscape staples (loop stakes) are too short and thin, and bend easily. Our product solves those problems! Our longer, thicker, stronger steel makes bending much less likely. Never with wimpy staples again!

  • SO MANY USES! The uses for these staples is limited only by your imagination. Everything from fastening soaker hoses (or any hose) to holding down aisle runners at weddings & other events.

  • TRUST THE RUST! Like every other non-galvanized staples, THESE WILL RUST. It actually helps the staples hold strong and can be beneficial for your soil. That's why these staples are the choice of professionals. (If you still don't want rust, check out our Galvanized staples.)

  • Here's What an Amazon Customer Recently Said: "These work perfectly for our purposes. We've purchased garden staples before from our local big box store, but they aren't much heavier than a wire coat hanger. Hard soil or an obstruction and they would bend all too easy. These staples are much heavier and in testing them when they arrived, we don't have those problems."
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You risk absolutely nothing. Our staples are backed by an unconditional 100% no-risk, no-nonsense money back guarantee.

Your search for your "the ONE" brand of staples is finally over! With over 150 Five-Star reviews, you can trust that Amazon customers agree.

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Product Features

FULL 6" LENGTH AND RUGGED 11 GAUGE STEEL. Better and taller than staples at the big box stores like Lowe's, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, True Value and others. Those staples are made from thinner, flimsier 14 gauge steel and are only 4" long. (With steel, the lower the gauge number the thicker the steel.) These staples are longer (6" vs 4") and stronger (11 gauge vs 14 gauge). They hold better and last longer. EXTRA HOLDING POWER. Heavy duty staples w/ sharp beveled ends make it easy to fully insert these into the soil. Carbon steel construction is designed to rust and bond with the soil, increasing holding power and benefiting your soil from the oxidation. You can expect these staples to last for years to come without the features listed with other staples, like galvanized, stainless or even plastic. Your vegetables and garden plants will benefit! Or use as garden markers by tying label to staple. COUNTLESS USES! Use with: Landscaping fabric, plastic plant covers, and electronic dog fences like you'd buy from Petsmart or Petsafe. Use with underground sprinkler hose, deer netting, mulch roll, water dripper hoses, tomato garden tarps, lawn seed mats, turf saver, synthetic grass erosion control blankets, irrigation controller wire, emitters, and sprinkler valve covers. Succulents, tomato cages, even under rock & stone, arrangements. Limited only by your imagination! MADE IN THE USA. Garden Goodness commercial grade landscape staples are made right here in the USA. These are not some imported product or weak tent pegs. These are the highest quality, all metal staples currently available. So when you want your seeds to grow nicely from the black earth, turn to our products. Use to clip down boundary fences to keep out rabbits, birds, deer, squirrels, gophers, and other pests. Or secure chickens or small pets, frost blanket hoops. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you're not happy, we're not happy! Our hundreds of 5-STAR reviews attest to our many satisfied customers, and we're confident you'll be one, too. But if you're not happy for any reason, just return them for a full refund.

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